Sharing is Caring — Turning Employees Into Advocates

Guest: Glenn Gaudet Chief Marketing Officer, GaggleAmp

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Turning Employees Into Advocates

In the utopian holster of magical marketing bullets, employee advocacy is right up there with viral videos (think Ice Bucket Challenge) and real-time marketing (remember Oreo’s ‘dunking in the dark’ social posts?) But, unlike the last two options, employee advocacy is actually something most companies can execute consistently, assuming they follow a few critical steps. First, you have to run a company that employees actually enjoy working at and feel comfortable advocating for. Second, you need to allow your employees the latitude to speak in their own voice not just the brand’s. And third, it really helps if you have a tech platform that makes it easy for employees to advocate on the brand’s behalf.

On this episode, Drew chats with Glenn Gaudet, CEO and founder of GaggleAMP, an employee advocacy enablement tool. In their conversation, Drew and Glenn dive into the issues most marketers face when developing these programs, how to build a culture of eager sharers, and the importance of segmenting potential advocates. They also discuss how employee advocacy programs need to align with broader marketing strategies, a few dos and don’ts, and more. Listen in and learn how to get employees caring about sharing.

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Meet the Guest

Glenn Gaudet is the CEO & Founder of GaggleAMP Inc. The only company that provides the tools and expertise you need to turn reluctant employees into credible advocates. Gaudet brings over 25 years of comprehensive experience in both strategic and product marketing for technology and media companies ranging from startups to billions in sales. Prior to GaggleAMP, Gaudet was the Chief Marketing Officer at two different companies including Pulvermedia, an integrated media company that specialized in the voice and video industries. As CMO, Gaudet was responsible for all aspects of branding as well as marketing for the entire portfolio which included event, online and print products. As CEO of GaggleAMP, Gaudet leads a the innovative and strategic vision of the company serving a global customer base. 

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