Happy Holidays, Now Do Something!

Guest: Michele Fino CMO, DoSomething.org

‘Tis the season to be jolly! As much as we cherish renegade thinking, family comes first. There’s nothing better than spending time with loved ones during the holiday season, especially when you can get the kids involved in the fun. Michele Fino of DoSomething.org talks about some terrific activities your family can do to bond for good causes during this special time of year – or any time of year for that matter. You can listen to the mini episode here.

Remember to take those renegade thinking caps off when your family gathers around the dinner table. Instead, try using those outside-the-box thinking skills to come up with some neat games and activities everybody can play. From all of us here at Renegade Thinkers Unite, Happy Holidays!

Meet the Guest

Michele has 18+ years of Marketing, Content Strategy, Branding and Client management experience. It is a beautiful thing when a passion and a career come together, and she gets to use all this experience at DoSomething. If she could figure out a way to create a visually stunning word cloud that represents her in this text box, it would go here. In its place, this sums its up:

Enthusiastic – mom – Creative – Impact – digital content – branded entertainment – production – studio – MCN – media – entertainment – value – strategy – licensing – American Idol – promotion – consumer experience – social media – sales – marketing – IP building – content distribution – sponsorship – integrated marketing – talent – content partnership – collaboration – long term relationships – video – advertiser – agency – content strategy – client services – native advertising – professional – energetic – Tieks – scalability – social cause – philanthropic – change – swimming – ChaiseFitness – fun – funny – sponsors – clients – brands – two boys – loves shoes – loves Sweaty Betty – still rocks the backpack – I am not a millennial – 1976 – Thinking past tomorrow…

“You only regret the things you don’t do.” – DVF

What You'll Learn

  • What you can do to give back this holiday season.
  • How to get your kids involved in a good cause.
  • Fun ways you can spend time with your family during the holidays.

Quotes from Michele Fino

  • As a parent, it's important to provide fun options for your kids to not only get involved, but it also builds social confidence; that there are other young people out there doing it as well.
  • It would be great to go back to school and share some of the things you got to do with your family that made a difference.

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