Growing a B2B Juggernaut

Guest: Ran Avrahamy CMO, AppsFlyer

Since CMO Ran Avrahamy joined AppsFlyer in 2013, the SaaS mobile marketing company has grown from 12 employees to over 1,000, from a small tech startup to a worldwide brand. So, how exactly did AppsFlyer launch to such heights, and how did it adapt as it grew?

Tune in to hear all about AppsFlyer’s zero budget, guerilla marketing in the early days, and how its “Be Everywhere” mantra drove the company’s growth. Ran also discusses how AppsFlyer has been helping all of its customers—whether they’re in the travel industry or the cloud—through post-COVID challenges, as well as why B2B marketing has to (yes, has to) start with employees.

For full show notes and transcript, click here.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • How Appsflyer grew from a startup to a worldwide brand
  • How zero budget marketing can help in a downturn
  • Why B2B marketers need to focus on employees first

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