Going Global: An International Marketing Starter Pack

Guest: Jacques Botbol - Olga Noha - Dean Nicolls CMOs, Tastewise - SplitMetrics - Jumio Corporation

Have product-market fit, will travel.

International expansion is an exciting B2B growth opportunity, but marketers have a mind-boggling set of variables to consider. From relocating headquarters to navigating language barriers to engaging analysts, there’s a lot to manage. Luckily, this episode with Jacques Botbol, Olga Noha, and Dean Nicholls dives into what it takes to take a brand global without getting lost in translation.

Tune in as we hear from three experienced international marketers who know how to go the extra mile.

What You’ll Learn 

  • How 3 B2B marketers navigate international expansions 
  • How to structure and manage global teams 
  • How to translate brand and communications across languages 

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