Gigamon CMO on Engineering Giga-Growth

Guest: Karl Van den Bergh CMO, Gigamon

What does pro-skateboarder Tony Hawk have to do with network security? For one, his surname is the same as Gigamon’s latest cloud visibility offering, Hawk by Gigamon. The solution enables customers to get a full 360 view of their hybrid infrastructures, making it easier to see—as Tony described in his Cameo for the brand—what could go wrong, what the backup plan is, and how to transform chaos into control.

Tony Hawk’s role as a Gigamon’s spokesperson is just one part of a massive, marketing-led transformation for the brand. It all started in 2019 when Gigamon went private and brought on Karl Van den Bergh as CMO to lead the strategic shift. With an engineering background, Karl faced the challenge head-on, quickly building a predictive ROI model and ramping up brand awareness efforts across the board.

Tune in for a seriously fascinating episode with a master marketeer, one who uniquely understands the value of how engaged employees, a clearly defined brand, and an award-winning demand gen engine can build the momentum a company needs to really soar (like, increasing pipeline by 6x soar).

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • How Gigamon became a marketing-led organization
  • Behind the internal and external launch of Hawk by Gigamon
  • How Gigamon built its demand gen engine and increased pipeline by 6x

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