GenAI as a CMO’s Strategic Ally

Guest: Liza Adams AI Advisor & Fractional CMO, GrowthPath Partners

With mounting pressure to deliver ever-increasing pipeline results, it’s time for CMOs to prove that they’re not just tacticians—they’re key strategists essential to business longevity.

In this episode, Liza Adams of GrowthPath Partners dives into how AI can make it all possible. She’s shepherding in a shift from “growth-at-all-costs” thinking to sustainable profitability. Armed with use cases and custom GPTs, Liza brings her extensive experience as an AI consultant and fractional CMO to outline how you can leverage generative AI as a strategic thought partner.

Here are a few things she covers:

  • How to deploy AI for competitive analysis and positioning 
  • How AI can identify and prioritize high-value customer segments 
  • How to use AI insights to blow away your C-Suite 
  • How promising to tip your AI can yield better results

Don’t miss this insightful conversation that could redefine how you view the role of AI in your marketing strategy!

What You’ll Learn 

  • How to use AI as a strategic thought partner 
  • Strategic AI use cases  
  • How to get more accurate AI answers

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