Future Thinking: Develop Your AI Intuition

Guest: Noah Brier Founder, BrXnd.ai

Fingerspitzengefühl: A German loanword literally meaning “fingertips feeling.”  

It’s a term that AI trailblazer Noah Brier of Brxnd.ai cites in his conversation with Drew about the digital sixth sense today’s marketers must hone to master AI’s potential. 

In this episode, Noah unveils a roadmap for marketers eager to develop their AI intuition, cutting through barriers to adoption and offering practical steps to not just use AI, but to think alongside it. Tune in as we unpack how AI can elevate your B2B strategy, from distilling brand essence to crafting narratives that resonate in the digital marketplace.

Pro Tip: Noah shares a peek into Brxnd.ai’s AI-driven brand collaboration engine—Collabs—so you might want to watch the video version of this on our YouTube channel.

The conversation comes ahead of Brxnd’s 2024 Marketing x AI Conference in NYC (May 8th, 2024), the leading AI marketing event that will sell out fast. 

What You’ll Learn 

  • How to build your AI intuition  
  • How to use AI to think big  
  • How AI can measure brand strength  

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