From Pitch to Practice: Getting Organizational Buy-In for Strategic Initiatives

Guest: Melanie Marcus - Grant Johnson - Lauren Wagner Boyman CMOs, Surescripts - Billtrust - KPMG US

All aboard! If you want to bring any strategic vision to fruition, you need to bring everyone along with you—from the CEO, to the executive team, to employees throughout the org. That’s what we explore in today’s episode with CMOs Melanie Marcus of Surescripts, Grant Johnson of Billtrust, and Lauren Boyman of KPMG US.

All three have led impressive strategic initiatives at their respective orgs, and in this conversation, they share the behind the scenes work that it takes to get there. Tune in to as they share how to navigate corporate dynamics, win over the skeptics, and get consensus for the big ideas that will move the needle.

What You’ll Learn

  • How 3 CMOs led large strategic initiatives
  • How to get buy-in from the C-Suite and the board
  • How to get employees excited about your brand’s new direction

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