Flipping the Funnel with Klaviyo CMO

Guest: Kady Srinivasan SVP, Global Head of Marketing, Klaviyo

If you’ve ever wondered how much a CMO can do in a year to change the trajectory of a company, this is the episode for you. Enter Kady Srinivasan, who has kicked things up a notch at Klaviyo, a marketing automation platform dedicated to helping its customers discover a new, more effective way to grow their business. 

Grow their business how, exactly? By flipping the funnel on its head, focusing on the bottom first, which has resulted in something like 65x higher ROI for Klaviyo customers. In this episode, Kady shares how the brand developed this new positioning, using it as a centerpiece to unite employees, customers, and prospects alike. Tune in to learn how they made their refreshed brand come to life in a myriad of ways, as well as how Klaviyo measures marketing, and more.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • How Klaviyo refreshed its brand strategy
  • How Klaviyo brought its new brand to market
  • Kady’s 5 key marketing metrics 

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