Finding the Perfect CMO Gig

Guest: CMO Patti Newcomer-Small - CMO Sara Larsen - Brandon Palmer, Head of Client Strategy , FMG Suite - Wolters Kluwer - Discover Podium

The executive job search is all about taking a consultative approach. For CMOs, it’s about using interviews to truly understand the pain points of an organization and to measure their values against your own. It’s about setting expectations so that, once hired, the CMO be able to deliver both quick wins and big wins that have a lasting impact. And now, Post-COVID, it’s also about doing all of those things virtually.

This episode comes from a livestream we recorded in January 2021 with three guests who bring different perspectives to the CMO job search. Patti Newcomer-Small had just been hired as CMO at FMG SuiteSara Larsen was in transition at the time (now she’s CMO of Wolters Kluwer Health), and Brandon Palmer of Discover Podium coaches CMOs looking for their next gig. Tune in to hear how the job hunt has changed post-COVID as well as an abundance of useful tips for the search and that first 90 days as a virtual leader.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • How the job hunt has changed for CMOs post-COVID
  • How to make an impact and lead virtually
  • Practical tips for CMOs in transition

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