Drew’s Takeaways: Augmenting CMO Productivity with GenAI

Guest: Drew Neisser CEO & Founder, CMO Huddles

Here’s a little secret: This Drew-on-Drew episode was not entirely human-made. We did have two real Drews, yes, and our production crew surely played a role throughout the entire, multi-step podcast-making process. But we made all of it a little easier with transcription bots, AI content generators, and AI video editors.  

And that’s the theme of this episode. Generative AI is here to help make processes a little bit easier for B2B marketers. To help sort through content for a first draft, to create at a higher capacity, to save you time so you can dedicate more of it to high-level strategy.  

Tune in to hear from Drew how B2B marketers are using AI now, how it’s evolving, and what great thought leaders like Forrester and McKinsey are saying about future of AI. Plus, Drew shares a list of his top AI thought leaders and conferences. Check it out!   

What You’ll Learn

  • How B2B CMOs are using AI for content and design  
  • Exciting future uses of AI 
  • Who to follow to keep up with AI  

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