Deloitte CMO on Exceptional Employee Engagement

Guest: Suzanne Kounkel CMO, Deloitte

Deloitte added 156K new hires in 2022. You heard that right—in the middle of mass-resignations and the war for talent, the professional services brand’s employee base has grown to 412K-strong. What’s their secret? 

Enter Deloitte CMO Suzanne Kounkel, who has been with the firm for 27 years, serving countless consumer and business brands while leading relationships with many of the firm’s largest clients. In this insight-heavy episode, Suzanne shares what it means to win at employee engagement, how Deloitte keeps its culture strong in a hybrid world, and the integral role brand plays in all of it.

This episode is largely about creating the formal programs that lead to those informal magic moments—where a brand’s culture lives feely in the wild in a way that captures the attention of talent, customers and prospects. Tune in!

What You’ll Learn in This Episode 

  • How Deloitte engages a 412K-strong employee base 
  • How the pandemic impacted recruiting, retention, and culture 
  • How to make a brand promise real internally

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