Delivering Powerful B2B Marketing

Guest: Daniel Frohnen CMO, Sendoso

Prior to the pandemic, 40% of Sendoso’s program spend went to physical events that brought in a significant number of leads and got prospects to close. Such a reliable source of revenue for the brand suddenly became redundant in March, and as customers scrambled to figure out how to adapt, the pipeline froze in April.

Luckily, Sendoso had a strong foundation, with a fully scalable marketing program and a robust marketing team. The sending platform immediately shifted its focus to providing educational content to customers and adapting its marketing strategy to new buying behaviors.

In this episode, CMO Dan Frohnen shares how Sendoso rebuilt its pipeline post-pandemic, transforming its product into a must-have via meaningful virtual events, powerful partnerships, and a special, Sendoso-style take on direct mail marketing. Check it out! 

For full show notes and transcript, click here.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • Behind Sendoso’s scalable marketing program
  • How Sendoso rebuilt its pipeline post-pandemic
  • How partnerships can amplify B2B virtual events

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