Cybersecurity for CMOs: Bad Bots, Breaches, Phishing… Oh My!

Guest: Dan Lowden - Laura MacGregor - Michael Callahan CMOs, BLACKBIRD.AI - CIS - Salt Security

Bad bots, security breaches, and deceptive phishing schemes—oh my? That’s right! There are a lot of dangers out there in the often-murky waters of cybersecurity, and marketers need to be ready.

That’s why we brought 3 cybersecurity CMOs on the podcast. Tune in as Dan Lowden of BLACKBIRD.AI (previously HUMAN Security), Laura MacGregor of CIS, and Michael Callahan of Salt Security (formerly Acronis) shed light on these digital threats and share how B2B marketers can stay ahead of them. We cover things like how to develop a crisis playbook for security breaches, how to protect your tech stack, and why CAPTCHA isn’t all that effective anymore.

Don’t miss it! 

What You’ll Learn 

  • Which cybersecurity threats CMOs need to be aware of  
  • How to develop a crisis playbook for a breach attack 
  • How to be proactive about cybersecurity  

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