The Long-Game: Connecting B2B Brand to B2B Revenue

Guest: Kristin Russel - Chandar Pattabhiram - Rashmi Vittal CMOs, symplr - Coupa Software - Productiv

Over 90% of your buyers are not in-market today. So how do you make sure that you’re at the top of their list whenever they decide it’s time to buy?

Enter brand, the powerful component of every company looking to impact long-term growth and drive revenue. In this episode, we explore how CMOs are using brand as a strategic lever in their long-term revenue generation strategies, how they get brand buy-in across the org, and how they measure brand’s impact on growth.

Learn why every brand moment is an acquisition moment in this conversation, guided by the exceptional Margaret Molloy of Siegel+Gale, our guest host, and our stellar lineup of CMOs:

What You’ll Learn 

  • How 3 CMOs have evolved their brands 
  • How to connect brand to revenue 
  • How to get buy-in on brand 

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