Compassionate CMO Leaders… Unite!

Guest: Dalia Feldheim Founder & CEO, Flow Leadership Consulting

Purpose. Perspective. Power up. People. Positivity. These are Dalia Feldheim’s 5P’s of compassionate leadership, which she laid out in a powerful Bonus Huddle about how CMOs can be better bosses, or, as Dalia put it in her book of the same name: Dare to lead like a girl.

With a collection of inspiring and heartfelt stories across an illustrious career, Dalia is set on inspiring better businesses and work cultures through focusing on individual strengths, positivity, and compassion. This is an episode dedicated to great leadership, founded by a strong purpose: “To put the hearts of your people in the heart of what you do.”

What You’ll Learn 

  • How to be a better, more compassionate leader 
  • Why goal setting is so important 
  • How to overcome biases in the workplace  

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