CFO Panel: Investing in the CMO Role

Guest: Chris Andersen - Nicole Anasenes - John Evarts CFOs, Acquia - Ansys - Mediafly

For a locked room labeled “Marketing Spend,” the CFO holds the keys. And they aren’t going to be quick to hand them over, either. This all-important alliance depends on the CMO’s fluency in CFO-speak, AKA how $1 into marketing will equal more $$$ out. Luckily, it’s not too hard a language to pick up. 

In this episode, we’re airing three Q&As with three CFOs who laid out their formulas for a great CMO/CFO alliance during a recent CMO Huddles Super Huddle (a bi-annual mega-huddle exclusively for our community of B2B CMOs). Tune in for some wonderful insights from Chris Andersen of Acquia, Nicole Anasenes of Ansys, and John Evarts (now President and COO) of Mediafly—insights that CMOs just might want to share with a CFO who’s on the fence about the power of marketing. 

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • 3 CFOs’ perspectives on marketing
  • Tips for navigating the CFO/CMO alliance 
  • How to build trust with your CFO

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