Captivating Content Experiences… That Convert!

Guest: Warren Daniels - Ellina Shinnick - Katrina Klier CMOs, Bynder - HUB International - Sage Strategy Group

What does it take to craft a fully-fledged content experience that not only engages but also drives conversions? Tune in to this episode as 3 seasoned B2B CMOs reveal the secrets to transforming content into a powerful tool for connection and conversion: 

Warren Daniels (Bynder) reveals how leveraging content templating enables localized, relevant experiences that drive results, like increasing campaign recall by 32%. 

Ellina Shinnick (HUB International) discusses orchestrating thematic, integrated campaigns that bring the brand’s personality to life through creative, energetic content, and their “HUB Outlook” campaign. 

Katrina Klier (Sage Strategy Group) introduces the “Source and Savor” model to maximize content efficiency and impact while boosting resonance.  

Uncover strategies to: 

  • Balance brand storytelling with performance marketing tactics 
  • Leverage research to redefine problems in a compelling, ownable way 
  • Measure content engagement to prioritize what resonates (and what to retire) 
  • Capitalize on AI’s potential as an indispensable content team member 
  • And more!

Whether you’re a content marketer or senior leader, this insightful episode is packed with actionable tips to elevate your content experience game. Don’t miss out!

What You’ll Learn 

  • How 3 CMOs are building full content experiences 
  • How to balance performance marketing and brand 
  • How to assess and adapt your content plan 

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