Capitalizing B2B Buying Trends

Guest: Jon Miller - Allyson Havener CMOs, Demandbase - TrustRadius

B2B buying trends are changing and the old marketing playbook isn’t working anymore. What does this mean for your marketing strategy? Tune in to today’s episode with the expert marketing execs Jon Miller of Demandbase and Allyson Havener of TrustRadius as we examine the implications of these notable trends and what marketers can do about it.

The 6 trends we explore:  

  • Buyers want to research anonymously 
  • Buying committees are even larger and more complicated 
  • The buying process is nonlinear and looping 
  • Buyers want to self-serve 
  • Buyers trust 3rd party resources over 1st party resources  
  • Sales has dropped out of the top 5 sources of influence 

What You’ll Learn  

  • How to adapt your marketing strategy to new B2B buying trends 
  • Why self-serve and 3rd party validation are so important now 
  • How to accelerate deal cycles with limited budget 
  • How the Marketing-Sales relationship is changing 

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