Calling All Compelling Content!

Guest: Jamie Gier - Suzanne Reed - Heidi Bullock CMOs, Ceros - LBMC - Tealium

Can your content cut through? Through the 27 touchpoints in a B2B buyer’s journey. Through the flurry of emails hitting everyone’s inbox every day. Through the clutter of millions of blogs, social posts, and videos online. It’s a heavy task for any company to run a truly remarkable content program, but when done right, it can boost your brand to new heights.

In this episode, CMOs Jamie Gier of Ceros, Suzanne Reed of LBMC, and Heidi Bullock of Tealium gather together to discuss all things content marketing. Tune in to learn how to create a content engine that will not only engage prospects in increasingly complicated sales cycles but will excite existing customers, garner partnerships, and draw in top talent.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • How 3 different B2B brands run their content programs
  • How to optimize content via external partnerships
  • How to measure content marketing

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