Bulletproofing Your CMO Career

Guest: Patricia Romboletti Founder, Bulletproof Your Career

CMO turnover is rampant. 

That’s why CMO Huddles is dedicated to helping B2B CMOs with career development, hence this episode with executive coach Pat Romboletti, Founder & Author of Bulletproof Your Career

Whether you are looking for your next role, eyeing a different industry, hoping to get on a board, or want to be a thought leader, this is the episode for you. Tune in as Pat shares her expertise on how CMOs can build their personal brands and network better, with comprehensive tips on using LinkedIn, putting deposits in the goodwill bank, and developing a career blueprint. 

This episode was originally recorded as a CMO Huddles Bonus Huddle, a live Q&A where Huddles members can listen, ask questions, and get access to helpful resources. If you’re interested in getting involved, you can learn more at cmohuddles.com. 

What You’ll Learn  

  • How to establish yourself as a thought leader 
  • How to effectively build your network  
  • Tips to find your next CMO role 

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