Building B2B Brand and Demand in Tandem 

Guest: Amisha Gandhi SVP, Marketing, Tipalti

“When you make an investment, make it worthwhile.” 

That’s exactly what Amisha Gandhi has done in her last two years as Tipalti’s SVP of Marketing, joining the fintech organization not too long after it rebranded and was raring to grow. 

In this episode, learn what it takes to come in as the new CMO and get quick wins while setting up an organization for marketing-led growth. From optimizing demand to defining a brand purpose to squeezing everything out of events, learn how to ensure that marketing’s contribution to the organization can’t be questioned (AKA 52% marketing-sourced net new deals, among many other impressive numbers). Tune in! 

What You’ll Learn  

  • Why new CMOs should focus on demand first 
  • How Tipalti found its brand purpose 
  • The story behind Tipalti’s first-ever user conference  

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