Building a B2B Marketing Behemoth

Guest: Archana Agrawal CMO, Airtable

Low-code development platforms like Airtable are interested in turning software users into software creators, something growingly more important in a world of rapid digital transformation. That’s just one of the reasons why Archana Agrawal was excited to join Airtable as CMO in March 2020—she saw the innate benefit of, in her words, “taking the power that was previously left in the hands of software developers and bringing it to the rest of the world.”

With a background in computer science and a rich marketing career, Archana was perfectly primed to help Airtable amplify its product to the world via data-driven marketing. In this episode, learn how Archana helped to build out a marketing function to match the scale of the company, growing the team from 4 to 45, partnering with sales and product teams, and working to improve time-to-value for customers. Check it out!

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • How Airtable grew its marketing team from 4 to 45
  • How Airtable built up its tech stack and established key metrics
  • How Airtable drinks its own champagne to inform strategy

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