Brewing a Simple B2B Brand Story with Tealium

Guest: Heidi Bullock CMO, Tealium

When CMO Heidi Bullock joined Tealium in 2019, her mandate was to grow the company from great to greater. Tealium already had a solid standing in the customer data management space when she arrived, having reached over $100 million in ARR with no plans of slowing down.

Heidi dove in immediately, directly reaching out to customers and partners to figure out how to level up the brand. Tune in to hear Heidi spill the tea on how Tealium simplified its brand story, infused it into the organization, and brought it to market with a flourish. This episode is a remarkable lesson in B2B brand strategy—you don’t want to miss it!

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • How Tealium simplified its brand story
  • How Tealium certified its employees on the new story
  • Key brand metrics: engagement, pipeline, velocity

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