Brent Adamson Unlocks B2B Customer Confidence

Guest: Brent Adamson Global Head of Research & Communitites, Ecosystems

We couldn’t quit Brent Adamson even if we wanted to. Yep, he’s back for his 5th appearance on Renegade Marketers Unite! One of the premier sales thinkers of today, Brent recently joined a CMO Huddles Bonus Huddle to discuss how to sell in the context of a will-it or won’t-it-happen recession.

Regardless of whether or not the downturn will become a reality, this episode is a lesson in staying a few steps ahead of your customers—how to demonstrate real value that brings decision makers together and overcomes buyer trepidation. He also shares advice for B2B CMOs facing budget cuts but not outcome cuts—don’t’ sleep on this one!

What You’ll Learn in This Episode 

  • How B2B CMOs can overcome buyer trepidation 
  • Why value is the key to success 
  • How to help B2B decision makers feel confident and connected 


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