Boosting B2B Brand Confidence

Guest: Angela Earl VP Global Marketing, RFPIO

Ah, RFPs. Short for Requests for Proposal. Long for time-to-value. They’re the bane of many a B2B business’ procurement processes, frustratingly time consuming and full of friction in a fast-moving world. But they don’t have to be that way, not according to VP Global Marketing Angela Earl and the team at RFPIO.

They aren’t here to tell you that the RFP process as it stands today isn’t full of pain; instead, the RFP response SaaS brand is here to tell you there’s another way. Tune in to hear how RFPIO is drinking its own champagne to both simplify and build confidence in a notoriously frustrating category, enabling sales teams in such a way that the RFPIO marketing team effectively delivers a whopping 90% of pipeline (“pipeline” being fully vetted Sales Qualified Opportunities, that is). Check it out!

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • How RFPIO is maximizing internal and external partnerships
  • How brands can optimize their RFP creation and response processes
  • The secret behind RFPIO’s marketing team bringing in 90% of pipeline

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