Beyond Pipeline: Aligning Marketing with the Business

Guest: Jamie Gilpin - JD Dillon - Toni Clayton-Hine CMOs, Sprout Social - Tigo Energy - EY Americas

Navigating a potential spinoff of a megabrand. Moving to enterprise. Going public. These are massive business initiatives where marketing can play a key role—and it’s up to the CMO to prove it.

In this episode, three such CMOs share how they’ve cemented marketing’s seat at the table when it comes to propelling business forward (with impressive stats like 60% year-over-year growth and marketing bringing in 80% of the pipeline, for example).

Tune in to hear the strategies and tactics behind these powerhouse CMOs:

What You’ll Learn

  • How to align marketing with the business  
  • How to establish marketing as a strategic partner 
  • Which metrics matter to non-marketers

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