Beyond Happiness: The Heart of Authentic Leadership

Guest: Jenn Lim Author, Beyond Happiness

We’re in a defining moment where the role of the CMO is under the microscope, every decision measured against the relentless drumbeat of numbers and revenue. Yet, the pillars of authentic leadership extend far beyond the balance sheets—they’re the bedrock for sustainable growth.

Tune in for a compelling dialogue with Jenn Lim, author of Beyond Happiness, as we delve into the art of harmonizing purpose with performance. Learn how a purpose-driven mindset can yield profound job satisfaction, catalyze growth, fortify teams, and solidify your place in the C-Suite.

This episode unpacks practical strategies for safeguarding your career trajectory and elevating your role, even amidst the fervor of lead-chasing. Because in the end, the true measure of a CMO’s success is about more than revenue generated—it’s in the resilience, innovation, and authenticity they bring to their team and the entire organization.

What You’ll Learn 

  • How purpose drives growth & impact 
  • Exercises to build more effective teams 
  • How to future proof your role 

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