Banking on a Co-Branded Solution

Guest: Keith Brannan CMO, Kasasa

In recent years, a significant percentage of consumers—from 72-76%, based on various studies—would rather bank with a local institution than a megabank. So why don’t they? According to CMO Keith Brannan, it’s because local banks marketing budgets don’t stand a chance against the punching power of their larger counterparts.

That’s where Kasasa comes in, helping community banks and credit unions earn their rightful share of the market through a co-branded solution. Tune in to this fascinating episode to hear how the FinTech and marketing services brand makes buying easy for its resource-constrained customers, proof for why brands need to keep marketing in a downturn, how to use data to cross-sell and upsell a limited customer pool, and more.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • How the Kasasa brand has evolved
  • How Kasasa makes buying easy for its customers
  • Why you need to keep marketing during a downturn

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