B2B Rebranding: Tips and Tricks

Guest: Heather Salerno - Marshall Poindexter - Gabi Zijderveld CMOs, Appcast - OpenEye Scientific - Smart Eye

There are many different reasons to rebrand, but if it’s just to change the logo and colors to “freshen things up,” that’s not it. A rebrand has to be more a coat of paint on an old barn, and while we talk a lot about that here on Renegade Marketers Unite, this episode brings three different 3 rebranding stories to the forefront.

Tune in to learn about three different B2B rebrands from CMOs Heather Salerno of Appcast, Marshall Poindexter of OpenEye Scientific, and Gabi Zijderveld of Smart Eye. They share all kinds of goodies, like how to get buy-in for rebranding efforts, how to work with agency partners, how much to budget for a rebrand, and more. Don’t miss it! 

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • How to get buy-in from the C-Suite
  • How to measure B2B brand efforts
  • Tips for managing branding agency partners

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