B2B Marketing Mix-ology

Guest: Mary Leigh Mackie - Sue Holub - Suzanne Reed CMOs, AvePoint - OnSolve - LBMC

Allocating your marketing budget but don’t know where to start?

Begin with the end in mind. That’s where we start in today’s episode with Mary Leigh Mackie of AvePoint, Sue Holub of OnSolve, and Suzanne Reed of LBMC, three marketing mix masters with tons of hard-earned wisdom about how to spend money wisely with a limited budget. 

Tune in to hear each CMOs approach to their marketing mix, working backwards from who they target to how they spend to how they adjust their marketing mix along the way. This is both a timeless and a timely episode—don’t miss it! 

What You’ll Learn in This Episode 

  • How 3 CMOs approach their marketing mixes 
  • How to optimize your mix  
  • Which metrics should drive your marketing mix 

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