Syllabus for Success: B2B Marketing Lessons in EdTech

Guest: Kevin Briody - Kay Moffett - Megan Rainbow CMOs, Edmentum - Amplify - Allouve

EdTech marketers, this show is for you. Everyone else, this show is ALSO for you.  

Let’s examine the unique challenges EdTech marketers are facing right now:  

  • They effectively have to market to 50 local markets  
  • Due to the academic year, buying cycles are highly seasonal 
  • With budget constraints, customers are demanding efficacy data 

Scale, personalization, educating customers, proving ROI—there’s a lot to learn from how EdTech CMOs are approaching said challenges. In this episode, learn from EdTech marketing masters: Kevin Briody of Edmentum, Kay Moffett of Amplify, and Megan Rainbow of Allovue.  

Plus, get an inside look at how purpose-driven marketing can attract and retain top talent and the importance of empathy in understanding the educator’s perspective. 

Don’t miss this rich conversation filled with insights that transcend the EdTech space, providing valuable takeaways for marketing leaders in any sector. 

What You’ll Learn

  • The top challenges for EdTech CMOs (and how they’re solving them) 
  • How to navigate localization challenges 
  • What’s working in EdTech marketing  

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