B2B Marketers Confront Generative AI

Guest: Noah Brier Founder, BrXnd.ai

AI is on the up and up. 

As Chat GPT’s servers try to keep up with the buzz of users looking to play with the popular copywriting tool, there’s a whole lot more going on across the generative AI space. Enter Noah Brier, Founder of Percolate, Variance, and most recently brxnd.ai, an organization dedicated to helping brands, marketers, and agencies navigate the ever-changing world of AI.

He joined a CMO Huddles Bonus Huddle to share all the ways B2B marketers can and should start using AI to optimize everything from survey analysis to data extraction to writing BDR scripts. Tune in for a fascinating look into how these helpful little assistants are going to change the way we work.

What You’ll Learn  

  • How B2B marketers can use generative AI 
  • How to use AI can assess your brand, scrape data, improve BDR scripts + + + 
  • What the promise of AI tools means for B2B marketing 

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