B2B Culture Wins Every Time

Guest: Mandy Dhaliwal - Bhaskar Roy - Julie Kaplan CMOs, Nutanix - Workato - CareMetx

When a CMO says, “We’ve been winning business lately because of our culture…” That’s a mic drop moment.  

Tune in to this episode of Renegade Marketers Unite to hear from 3 CMOs who know the true value of great employee cultures, from companies with remarkable growth and some impressive stats, like a 94% retention rate for one and 96% C-Sat for another.  

Learn how to codify brand values, bring them to life across the organization, and more from the super stars of this show: CMOs Mandy Dhaliwal of Nutanix, Bhaskar Roy of Workato, and Julie Kaplan of CareMetx.  

What You’ll Learn  

  • Why you need to codify your culture  
  • How to make brand values real (with and without office) 
  • How to measure and compensate for culture 

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