B2B Brand Takes Off with Virtual Ducks Aligned

Guest: Lauren St. Amand Sr. Director, Global Marketing, Duck Creek Technologies

After months of planning, Duck Creek Technologies had all of its ducks in a row for its flagship customer event, Formation, set to launch in April 2020. You might guess where this story is going—Duck Creek had to cancel the event and look for a virtual solution, one that wouldn’t let all its content go to waste and one that would be as powerful as most in-person events are for so many B2B brands.

In this episode, Senior Director, Global Marketing Lauren St. Amand shares how the insurance software company changed its course and developed vFormation, a digital engagement platform that was so much more than a virtual event. It was a solution to a world that would quickly become inundated with digital fatigue, a perfect lead-gen opportunity for Duck Creek partners, and, surprisingly, a way to reach more customers and prospects (and employees!) than ever before. This story is incredible—don’t miss it!

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • How Duck Creek built and leveraged vFormation
  • How vFormation grew business and facilitated strong partner sponsorships
  • How Duck Creek is planning for hybrid events in 2022 and beyond

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