B2B Brand Consolidation Done Right

Guest: Grant Johnson - Kevin Ruane - Joshua Leatherman CMOs, Emburse - Precisely - Service Express

It takes special care to brew a post-acquisition stew. B2B brands need to determine how to properly blend the newly acquired brand into the established mix without jeopardizing the integrity of the branded house, and without losing the equity and loyal customer base of its sub-brand.

In today’s episode, CMOs Grant Johnson of Emburse, Kevin Ruane of Precisely, and Joshua Leatherman of Service Express share how they’ve successfully consolidated newly acquired brands, reflecting on best practices and mistakes made around the B2B world as companies work to build branded house empires. Tune in for a ton of great tips for B2B brand consolidation, from how to measure the value of an acquired brand to how to protect SEO equity in the process.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • How 3 B2B CMOs consolidate newly acquired brands
  • How to merge brands without losing equity
  • Common brand consolidation best practices

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