Awareness is Delicious: B2B Content Recipes

Guest: Josh Machiz Partner, Redpoint Ventures

“You can’t eat awareness,” says the non-believer.

“Awareness is delicious,” says Josh Machiz.

On this Renegade Marketers Unite, Josh blows the lid off B2B content marketing. With a penchant for going viral, Josh shares success stories from 9 impressive years at NASDAQ and how he’s brought his turn-content-into-revenue skills to his current role as partner at Redpoint Ventures.

It’s about being bold, about being funny, about the power of becoming a newsworthy brand. It’s about deciding where to invest your time. It’s about how a short-form appetizer can increase long-form consumption. Any maybe… it’s the best argument out there for why B2B brands should be on TikTok!?

Tune in to this fascinating episode ASAP.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode 

  • How to take your B2B content to the next level 
  • The business value of newsworthy content 
  • How to make short and long form content work together  

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