Auth0 Marketing VP on Developing Developer Love

Guest: Kerry Ok SVP of Marketing, Auth0

Developers don’t want to be marketed to, you say? Kerry Ok, SVP of Marketing for Auth0 is here to prove you wrong. From day one, Auth0’s marketing mandate wasn’t about building pipeline or demand gen, it was about building trust and relationships with a vibrant community that loves learning, discussion, and things that make their lives easier.

Talk about renegade marketing—this episode is all about shirking traditional B2B marketing tactics in exchange for far more powerful and engaging ones (that just so happen to yield an 80% YoY increase in unaided awareness). From building a strong customer community to gamifying internal comms to getting silly with Loggie the anti-mascot, tune in for a fascinating episode about what courageous marketing really looks like.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to build a strong customer community
  • Why you should make strategic bets on non-traditional channels
  • More effective ways to engage employees and customers

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