Adapting B2B Digital in a Downturn

Guest: Tom Bianchi - Warren Daniels CMOs, Acquia - Bynder

How are B2B marketers adapting their digital experiences in a down economy? We covered the topic with two superstar marketing execs based across the pond from our NYC studio: Tom Bianchi of Acquia and Warren Daniels of Bynder.  

Are you creating knock-your-socks-off content? Do you have a clickable demo for your business? How are you connecting digital and physical experiences for customers, employees, and partners? We answer all of this and more—tune in for an episode full of practical tips and tactics to keep your business thriving despite the economic challenges at hand.

What You’ll Learn  

  • How to adapt your digital content in a downturn 
  • How to increase conversion rates in a down economy 
  • How to engage customers, employees, partners in a downturn 

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