ABM on the Cheap

Guest: Julie Kaplan - Olga Noha - Julie Feller CMOs, CareMetx - SplitMetrics - U.S. Legal Support

Low budget and high ROI expectations? No problem. This episode of Renegade Marketers Unite is all about how B2B CMOs are building, optimizing, and tracking ABM programs with low-to-no budget.  

Tune in as Julie Kaplan of CareMetx, Olga Noha of SplitMetrics, and Julie Feller of U.S. Legal Support 

share their top tips for setting up an ABM program that maximizes results without maxing out your team. We’ll cover how to find your target audience, how to align with Sales, the must-haves of a successful ABM program, and a whole lot more. Tune in!   

(P.S. We had a surprise guest—ABX expert, Jon Russo!) 

What You’ll Learn 

  • How 3 CMOs run ABM programs with low to no budget 
  • How to track against ABM goals 
  • ABM program must-haves 

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