A Play-By-Play for the First 90 Days

Guest: Julie Kaplan - Dave Bornmann - Johnny Smith, Jr. Marketing Chiefs, CareMetx - Association Analytics - Encompass Health

Want to win in the CMO role? It’s all about that first 90 days. Three months’ worth of work that can pave the way for success. And at the executive level, CMOs don’t go in blindly—these master marketeers are dedicated to finding the quick wins to prove their savvy while ramping up for long-term success. 

In this episode, Dave Bornmann of Association AnalyticsJulie Kaplan of CareMetx, and Johnny Smith Jr. of Encompass Health describe their own approaches to the first 90 days at their current positions. Tune in to hear about the value of using those first few months to listen, to forge allyships, and to optimize the marketing department in a way that will boost both professional and organizational success.  

 BONUS: Dave generously provided us with a draft of the 90 Day Plan he made while interviewing for his current role. A valuable resource for any CMO.  

What You’ll Learn in This Episode 

  • How 3 CMOs approached their first 90 days 
  • How to build a strong marketing department  
  • Which allyships are the most important to establish in the first 90

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