A CMO’s Guide to Global Website Management

Guest: Tom Bianchi - Hannah Grap CMOs, Acquia - Sitecore

What does it take to transform a local website into a global powerhouse? Find out from Tom Bianchi of Acquia and Hannah Grap of Sitecore, as they dissect the strategies behind successful international digital presences.

Learn how Acquia’s latest initiatives are making the digital world more accessible and how Sitecore is modernizing data to tailor customer experiences across borders. We cover the changing landscape of SEO, how to localize your site for different countries, and which website metrics matter. 

Whether you’re revamping your digital strategy or just tuning in to the latest trends, this episode is your gateway to mastering the art of engaging a worldwide audience through smart, inclusive web design. Don’t miss these essential insights that could redefine your digital footprint! 

What You’ll Learn 

  • How to modernize your digital presence 
  • How to localize your global website 
  • Which metrics matter for site optimization  

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