A CMO’s Guide to Adopting Account-Based Marketing

Guest: Charles Groome - Chip Rodgers - Grant Johnson CMOs, Biz2Credit - WorkSpan - Billtrust

Thinking of adopting (or ramping up) ABM? Welcome to part 1 of two episodes dedicated to implementing Account-Based Marketing (ABM) programs. In this episode, Huddlers Charles Groome of Biz2Credit, Chip Rodgers of WorkSpan, and Grant Johnson of Billtrust lead the charge, sharing how they’ve brought ABM into their organizations and the difference it has made. 

Learn how to choose an ABM platform, how much time and how many people you may need, and what ABM success looks like. 

What You’ll Learn 

  • How to ramp up an ABM program 
  • How to get to marketing-sourced revenue 
  • How to run a successful ABM program 

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