Privacy Laws, First-Party Data, Google On-Page Results… Oh My!

Guest: Josh Muskin - Mike Ulanski , WebMechanix - thunder::tech

From new privacy laws to AI-influenced Google search algorithms, there’s been a massive shift in the world of B2B paid media. 

In response, CMO Huddles has tapped Josh Muskin of WebMechanix and Mike Ulanski of thunder::tech, experts in cutting-edge targeting and data utilization, to shed light on how B2B marketers can refine their strategies for today’s challenges.

From leveraging first-party data in ad campaigns to executing precise ABM on LinkedIn, our guests reveal how a data-centric approach can significantly boost engagement with niche B2B audiences. Plus, they share insider tips on optimizing SEO and content to stand out on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), which are increasingly influenced by AI algorithms.

This episode is packed with use cases, best practices, and innovative strategies, offering businesses the insights needed to navigate the intricate realm of B2B marketing and capitalize on the latest technologies. Tune in if you’re looking to enhance lead quality and market presence in a digital-first economy.

What You’ll Learn 

  • How to pivot your targeting and media buy strategy 
  • How to optimize media spend (and where to spend it) 
  • How AI is changing what shows up in Google search

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