All In On Brand with SADA CMO

Guest: Narine Galstian CMO, SADA

Over the course of SADA’s growth, the company has had a habit of going all in. It went all in on Google Cloud in 2019, divesting its Microsoft Cloud business to get there. It went all in on its 2020 rebrand, casting aside the brand it had for the brand it needed to move business forward despite the shock of the pandemic. And it goes all in for its employees, customers, and prospects every day.

It was kinda a no-brainer that their brand purpose can be surmised in the phrase “Together, we’re all in.” In this episode, SADA CMO Narine Galstian talks about all the strategic thinking behind the cloud provider’s bold rebrand. She also discusses the secret to her longevity at SADA (almost 10 years!!) and what it means to be an #IamRemarkable facilitator. Check it out!

What You’ll Learn 

  • How to know when it’s time to rebrand
  • The creative process behind SADA’s rebrand
  • How to launch a new brand internally and externally

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