Show Swap Say What!? Alan Hart Interviews Qualcomm CMO

Guest: Don McGuire SVP and CMO, Qualcomm

When Drew heard Alan Hart’s interview with Qualcomm SVP and CMO Don McGuire on Marketing Today, he knew he couldn’t do it better. So we’re bringing the episode to you directly in Renegade Marketers Unite’s first-ever show swap! Here’s the show description…

Don leads the global marketing organization, supporting Qualcomm’s advancement into new and existing markets and growth areas. He’s redefining Qualcomm’s strategic approach to product marketing, leading to innovative campaigns and collaborative partnerships that are bringing cutting-edge products to market.

On the show today, Alan and Don talk about how Qualcomm has increased its total available market by 7X, what that means for their strategies, and how they’re managing the organization through growth. They also talk about the brand strategies they use for their B2C brand, Snapdragon, as well as the enterprise brand of Qualcomm itself.

Listen in to learn how to elevate your brand and prepare for rapid growth.

Shout out to the Share Your Genius, the B2B podcast agency who recommended we show swap and made it happen. Thinking of starting or optimizing a podcast for your B2B brand? Let us know and we’ll connect you to these savvy folks.

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