B2B World… Meet Purpose-Driven Marketing

Guest: Peter Neiman - Julia Goebel CMO, Amalgamated Bank - symplr

In case you weren’t sure about the power of purpose, this episode of Renegade Marketers Unite with CMO Peter Neiman of Amalgamated Bank and VP of Growth Marketing Julia Goebel of symplr may just clear things up for you. The marketing execs at these organizations have seen it first-hand—purpose wins employees, customers, and prospects in ways that even the most impressive swag cannot. 

Tune in for a fascinating episode as we cover how marketers can help their organizations embed purpose into everything they do, why the business you may lose isn’t always necessarily a bad thing, how to avoid “purpose-washing,” and more! 

 [Update: At the time of this interview, Julia Goebel’s title was CMO of Halo Health. Since then, Halo Health was acquired by symplr. The new name of the Halo product is symplr Communications.]

What You’ll Learn 

  • What it means to be a purpose-driven brand
  • How purpose can benefit employee and customer retention efforts
  • How to avoid “purpose-washing”

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