3 Savvy CMOs Share SaaS Marketing Secrets

an interview with
Ali McCarthy - Grant Johnson - Andrew Hally CMOs, Skience - Emburse - Markforged

SaaS is a 145 billion dollar industry that touches almost every aspect of our work lives. Even this podcast is brought to you by SaaS—a collection of 7+ tools to record, publish, and house countless marketing insights.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a successful software product right now that isn’t either fully SaaS or migrating to it. There are 35,000 SaaS products from over 15,000 companies competing in over 740 vertical markets, which means there’s a noteworthy number of CMOs out there navigating a competitive market with massive growth potential. To help us understand what makes SaaS marketing such a distinct challenge are CMOs Grant Johnson of EmburseAli McCarthy of Skience, and former CMO of BynderAndrew Hally (he’s now CMO at Markforged). Tune in to hear how these CMOs have navigated the choppy waters of marketing SaaS and how they are using their past experiences to inform future decisions.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to stand out as a SaaS brand in a competitive market
  • The differences in marketing SaaS versus non-SaaS products
  • How to lower the barrier to trial and put the “service” in SaaS

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