2022: The Year We Dynamite Digital

Guest: Shirley Macbeth - Paul Stoddart - Amanda Carty CMO, Forrester - Epicor - Diligent

Webinar-itis. Virtual event absentia. Zoom gloom. Just a few of the pesky, present-day afflictions that pervade in an era of such rapid digital acceleration, where work-from-home is the norm and the return to physical events is still up in the air. As a result, B2B audiences are more discerning than ever.

It’s up to the savvy CMO to remedy this “digital fatigue” with high-quality experiences, and in this episode, CMOs Shirley Macbeth of Forrester, Paul Stoddart of Epicor, and Amanda Carty of Diligent share how they’re making it work. Tune in for a deep dive into driving digital engagement, with great tips on how to up your event game, coach virtual keynoters, mobilize employees across the organization, and more.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • How 3 B2B CMOs are engaging digital audiences
  • How to up your event game, and how to prepare virtual speakers
  • How to mobilize employees to drive engagement and content

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