The CMO’s Periodic Table

Learn both the art and science of modern marketing from 64 thought leaders. All orders come with a free download of An Elemental Companion to The CMO’s Periodic Table.


Learn From 64 Marketing Masters

Via 7 Elemental Categories and 1 Elemental Companion


Basic Elements

The timeless, essential building blocks of all great marketing, from strategy to research to metrics.


Internal Elements

The behind-the-scenes competencies that a marketing campaign’s audience may not see, but are nonetheless key to its effectiveness.


Transitional Trends

Today’s hot, buzzed-about topics and techniques that are yielding great results for forward-thinking marketers.


Volatile Factors

The areas where marketing professionals “live on the edge,” taking great risks for the possibility of great rewards.


Silicon Rally

Examples of how to leverage new technology and other digital tools… wisely, without succumbing to hype, and always with solid fundamentals underlying the high-tech tactics.

Noble Pursuits

Where a marketer’s objectives go beyond pure profit to touch higher meanings and deeper commitment to service.

Inert Fundamentals

The bedrock mindsets and values that must take root inside the successful marketer’s brain in order to do great work and build a legendary career.


Elemental Companion

A “cheat sheet” to the sixty-four elements of marketing excellence, optimized for quick understanding and quicker implementation.


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What Our Readers Are Saying

The CMO's Periodic Table is a remarkable collection of advice and ideas from dozens of senior executives. It's a Ph.D. in marketing science, all in one book.


Jay Baer

President of Convince & Convert and New York Times bestselling author of "Youtility"

The CMO’s Periodic Table opens with a bang and remains a riveting read throughout, thanks to its clever organizational structure and deeply insightful interviews. Drew has gathered an amazing collection of professionals, many of whom share the passion and perseverance that it takes be successful in any field, especially marketing.


Linda Kaplan Thaler

Chairman of Publicis New York, bestselling author, with Robin Koval, of “The Power of Nice,” and “Grit to Great."

Students and marketing executives won’t find a better way to learn about cutting edge marketing than from those who have cracked the code. Drew Neisser has skillfully assembled the combined wisdom of 64 CMOs. Insights gained from the book will help executives up their game and students think like a seasoned exec.


C. Samuel Craig

Professor of Marketing, Stern School of Business, Author of "Global Marketing Strategy"

The CMO’s Periodic Table is like going to the best marketing buffet you could imagine. Each chapter is a delectable morsel of insightful commentary from some of the tastiest ‘chefs' in the biz. Read it from cover to cover and you’ll be stuffed with insights you’ll be able to apply to just about any marketing challenge on your plate.


Joel Comm

New York Times Bestselling Author of "Twitter Power"

The CMO’s Periodic Table is a masterful collection of insights thoughtfully arranged for marketers of all vintages. As a fellow writer, I really appreciate Drew’s deft writing style and how he draws out the wisdom of his sixty-four marketing connoisseurs. It is definitely worth reading AND sharing.


Bryan Kramer

CEO of PureMatter, Bestselling Author of "Shareology"

Along with being written by an exceptional marketing thinker and practitioner, The CMO’s Periodic Table is an artfully conceived goldmine of marketing wisdom. Drew distills practical guidance from his illustrious interviewees on the very topics—strategy, metrics, data, customer-centricity, innovation, and more—that are essential to every modern marketer.


David Rogers

Faculty at Columbia Business School and author of “The Digital Transformation Playbook”

Drew is a marketing guru. His interview questions leave no ground uncovered, making you feel as if you’re getting crucial insider knowledge from these CMOs. You’ll want to keep this book on your desk so you can refer to its content time and again, applying it to your own marketing goals and challenges.


Robin Landa

Distinguished Professor of Design, Kean University and author of "Graphic Design Solutions", 5th edition

Drew provides invaluable lessons from the CMO's and marketers on the front lines to help you create a disruptive company... or prevent your company from being one that perishes.


Ted Rubin

Author of "Return on Relationship"

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Founder and CEO of Renegade, Drew is a recognized authority on cutting-edge marketing techniques, having won numerous awards for creativity and campaign effectiveness. Ranked among Brand Quarterly’s “50 Marketing Thought Leaders Over 50,” he is an “expert blogger” for Forbes, CMO.com, TheCMOclub and TheDrewBlog. He also pens the new weekly CMO Spotlight column for AdAge along with Renegade’s coveted monthly newsletter called TheCut.

Through a long-time partnership with The CMO Club, Drew has met and interviewed well over 100 CMOs in the last five years. Drew is a trusted advisor to many of these CMOs and authors TheCut, his coveted monthly newsletter. He regularly consults on digital and social media trends via the GLG network and currently sits on the boards of the Urban Green Council and Duke NY.


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